:: Today's resolution..!!! ::

Say 'NO' for shopping...!!!

i have been doing a lottt of shopping these days.. buying anything and everything.
Is it really worth.. for some 'Yes' and for many 'No'..

Many things i buy, i hardly use it or in fact don't even use it. i wish there is something like a 'shopometer' similar to thermometer (with an alarm option!!) which can warn me when i start shopping those fit for nothing stuff or even give me a punch if i ignore that warning and continue my nonsense.. hmmm... sounds funny isn't it..

It is getting worse these days.. am i da only person.. lemme google a bit...

ahhhh... look at this...


he he :) im not that bad...!!!

but anyway its alarming... stop it now or u can never come of it alive...!!!!

"shopaholic"..... btw this title is not meant for me...!!!

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