:: The Day...!!! Mind blowing :) ::

For my 2 plus years in the company, i felt the best part of it 2day...!!

Kalam's speech..!!! how thoughtful it was... i have heard n read about him in papers, but u know seeing is always different.. such a simplicity, humbleness, energy, determination, confidence..
Hats off... he was there for an hour visiting our ACE centre, then came the interesting part, his speech..

The best part was... when he read out this short para for us...

Inventors – inventions and discoverers – discoveries

Let us study important inventors and their inventions.
* The Wright brothers and the plane.
* George Eastman and film
* Thomas Edison and the light bulb
* Alexandra Graham bell and the telephone.

Let us study a few Discoverers and their discoveries.
* Albert Einstein and the energy equation E=MC2
* Srinivas Ramanujan and number theory
* Chandrasekhar Subramaniyam and Chandrasekhar Limit
* Sir CV Raman and Raman Effect

"Inventions and discoveries have emanated from creative minds that have been constantly working and imaging the outcome in the mind. With imaging and constant effort, all the forces of the universe work for that inspired mind, thereby leading to inventions or discoveries. Higher the number of creative minds in an organization, the best results of innovation will emerge"

His words were so powerful... thought provoking.. and simple...!!!

Just refer his site...


Ask him anything and everything.. u will get a reply 24/7...

These are not my words... this was his promise to us before he left...!!!

Amazing man...!!!

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