I Miss you... Netflix!!

Seriously.. Its time I realized how much I miss Netflix... I am a super movie freak and a huge fan of Netflix, not just because it was my once-upon-a-time savior!! Well, by once-upon-a-time I mean the lonely times I spent in US not knowing what to do on weekends... Since then every time I open their perfectly packed DVD sleeve I would wonder how this stuff works...This is what happens at my end..
I choose a movie and order it online and next day I would get an email from Netflix with the DVD delivery date (which would most likely be the next working day.. believe me I was never disappointed) and then when I go check my mail box on that day.. There I will see my movie neatly packed and happily waiting for me… Then I see the movie, pack it back in the return envelope which comes with the DVD and drop it in my mailbox and the next working day I would get an email thanking me for sending back the movie… Man.. There got to be some amazing work behind this excellent quality of work… so now since I miss them badly I was curious to find out what happens behind the main
scene.. Well I should say… my search was worth it!

Here we go… Sharing with you all some interesting facts on Netflix shipping and delivery process... Click here to know how they do this amazing work!! And click here for some of their flickr pics…

I miss you Netflix! Wish I had you in my country!!

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