My Sunglasses, My Style!

Everyone loves Sunglasses, and being from a "ever sunny" place like Chennai, Sunglasses have become a part of my life!

I travel a lot everyday and sunglasses not only helps me sport a fashionable look but also saves my eyes from all the UV's, dirts and pollutants :) 

I use my sunglasses for multiple reasons other than the primary ones stated above :) 

Some of my "ohh-so-great" reasons are, 

  • To save my eye makeup, yes I am a typical girl and I love not to spoil my eye makeup with all my hours together travel!
  • For safe sightseeing (ahem ahem..) guess everyone understood what I mean :)
  • For my flying hair as a hairband :) 
  • As a mirror - I know dont laugh, everyone does that :)

So GKB optical is a great place for buying sunglasses, Eyeglasses and Contact lenses at a great price. They have a wide range of collections to choose from, be it Raybon, Prada, D&G or Vougue - you name it and you will find it here :)

They have this wonderful user friendly website with "Try on" feature, which helps one to choose the right glass according to their face shape and choice :)

So my favorite 2 out of the lot are,


Loved the blue frame and I would sport this with a neat black and blue look

Hairstyle - High hair bun
Attire - A black turtleneck top and a faded blue levi's
Accessories - A floral scarf around my neck - preferably with a parisian scarf knot and a big black hobo bag
Shoes - black suede ankle boots

So my final look would be something like Kate Bekinsale's but just that I would sport it with a black and blue color combo and a floral scarf instead of plain black :)

My Next choice is 


Loved the detailing on the glasses, very classy and girly! this will go well with a skirt and hippie style :)

Hairstyle - open hair with a messy knot tied up behind
Attire - A funky lacy, frill white tank top with a nice flowing long skirt with bold block pattern 
Accessories - A nice floral long string bag, loads of bangles and a statement ring in one hand, no neck or ear accessories!
Shoes - a nice kolhapuri sandals

So my final look would be something like Vanessa Hudgens's :)

Hope you all liked my look and do not forget to check out GKB optical for more :)

Take care and Thanks for reading :)


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