:: Worth reading: In the wonderland of Indian managers by Sharu Rangnekar ::

In the wonderland of indian managers, Rangnekar spots the inbuilt idiocies and idiosyncracies of our managerial systems and traditions, and blasts them sardonically.

A brilliant analysis of the Indian managerial scene, this book is for managers at all levels -- from trainees to directors.

Common problems and their solutions have been described in his characteristic style -- which is delightfully complemented by R.K. Laxman's inimitable cartoons.

Its worth reading this book...!!!

:: Don't take life too serious. You'll never get out alive..!! ::

Sometimes it is the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.. have you ever given a thought about this... Sometimes we take decisions without knowing the consequences.. We regret for that at a later point of time... by then things would have gone out of our hands... So think twice or thrice or even more if necessary before taking any decision... because who knows.. even the smallest decisions may change our lives forever...

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