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I was extremely happy when Reliance started BigFlix in india coz im a great movie freak...

i subscribed to Bigflix.com 2 months ago.. with Plan 1 DVD at a time , The service has been good for the entire first month, just until last week...

when i put a request to pickup DVD i was expecting the delivery guy to come on the same day (thats how it was working for the past one month) but there was no response...

waited for more than a week.. called them over phone n finally decided to send a complaint mail stating that if the issue is not addressed within 24 hrs i would cancel my subscription... to my surprise the bigflix guys came within 2 hrs for picking up my DVD not once but twice :)

but again i thot i would get some DVD...
But what happened was the delivery guy told me that “ we don’t have any delivery for you coz there are no titles available in your queue so its just pick up today”

again i had to send a mail.. to which the guys appeared in the same usual manner.. in 2 hrs.. bringing a DVD which was the last title in my queue of 28 DVD's (according to BigFlix they claim that the first 5 titles in your queue will be delivered first based on your plan) its highly unlikely that out of 28 movies in my Queue all would be unavailable at the same Time...!!! This is very bad and highly unprofessional, if i have 28 movies in my queue i expect prompt delivery of any one of those DVD's... its something BigFlix have to look into as they have just started their business.... they shud understand that customer satisfaction is very important....

The following appeared in Indian Express on Sunday, June 29, 2008 under the name.


Renting movies from Big Fli has its good and bad moments. THERE was a time when DVD players were expensive and not all of us had them in our homes. But the mass production factories in South Korea have brought down the prices. My first DVD Player in 2000 cost me Rs 23,000, and now I can buy a branded player for under Rs 3,000. So the problem isn’t the player now, the DVDs are. The movies you want to watch are still cost Rs 299+ and this makes the movie rental business interesting. Seventymm took the lead, then came in guys like Moviemart, and now big brother Reliance has entered the business with Big Flix.

Big Flix is spending millions on advertising, and it appeared a bargain to be able to rent movies unlimited for unlimited time at just Rs 299 a month. A month ago, I took the bait. It took me less than two minutes to sign up on http:\\www.bigflix.com\
. I was surprised to see that contrary to their ads, they had a limited number of regional language films, but for those whose basic choices will be English and Hindi films, they have enough. They offer the option of renting out 1, 2 or 3 discs at a time.

In the FAQ section, I learnt I needed a wishlist of at least 25 titles to ensure timely delivery. I opted for some 30-odd titles and waited for my movies to arrive. I had registered on a Saturday and presumed I wouldn’t hear from anybody till Monday. But Sunday brought a surprise visitor who came armed with two titles from my selection. However, he demanded that I hand over two movies I had borrowed. I informed him I was a new member and that I did not have any Big Flix items in my possesion, but he would have none of it. A ring to their call center on Monday (no responses on Sunday) ironed things out, and I was told this would not recur.

But things went wrong after that with confusion over titles delivered, about the number of discs I was entitled to borrow at a time and other hassles that left me aghast at the ineptness of the whole operation. Even after sending an email to customer care (an automatic ticket number was allocated and I was assured my complaint would be looked into), two weeks down the line, the discs don’t arrive on time, no one from customer care answers and movies automatically go into a pick up request.

I kept a movie for more than five days to see if I could hang on to it for as long as I wanted. I got a courteous SMS reminder reminding me of my misdemeanour and asking me to arrange a pick up.

Here is the score sheet

Customer Service: Worst possible

Movie listing: Good. Claims 15,000 titles.

Staff: Courteous generally, but most of them are ex-courier boys so some can be off-putting.

Presentation: The movies come packed in their original boxes. Some discs never played on my players due to a lot of scratches.

Delivery: No guarantees, erratic.

Pros: Big Flix has stores across the country, so you can always go there and pick up movies or return them easily. Online site could have been better, but it is improving.

Cons: If you want to watch a specific movie on a specific day, you are good either buying it or watching it on Video on Demand on DTH or renting it from the local DVD fellow.
Cost: Attractive

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