Clean Green, under the Sun Sheen!!

And as the Swedish proverb says, “A life without love is like a year without summer” – Don’t you all agree with me… Summer is fun; summer is freedom; summer to me is Sunshine, Hope, Happiness and Adventure time J

We (The great human race) have collectively polluted our environment and atmosphere and have torn the sun ban happiness layer (The Ozone) and to cap it all we have successfully put the blame on our dear Sun, of course for all the bad reasons (the UVA/B sans PA+++)!!!

Thanks to Lakme, for introducing us to the world of Sun Expert and Kyra, the sunshine girl.

With Kyra and my sun expert range I am sure this is going to be my best summer ever J

Oh! But wait… don’t you guys want to know our “Fun Sun” plan for this summer… hop on to our “Fun Sun” train – join me and Kyra in this wonderful, exciting summer journey J

If you wish to join us - follow the summer rules J

Our summer dress code – cotton/linen Skirts, shorts, tees and bikinis (yeyyy!!) anything that’s comfortable
Our summer accessories – Hat, slippers and sunglasses J

Our summer drink – lots and lots of H20 for happy hydration J
Our summer color theme – Bright and Floral, especially peach, coral, orange and Neons J
Our summer Motto – Fun under the Sun J
Our Journey focusClean and Green under the Sun Sheen J

I have hit the beach many times for mere pleasure and fun, this time with Kyra I want to make my beach time most memorable and joyful. Yes, with Kyra and Lakme’s sun expert protection this would be my attempt to raise environmental awareness!! Yes, we are going to clean the beach and trust me, this is going to be more fun and exciting than ever before J

Being from Chennai, with a beach that is spread along the Bay of Bengal, which also happens to be our country’s longest and World’s second longest urban beach – keeping it clean and green is fun, my pride and my duty! J

Before heading, let’s quickly apply 2 tsp of Lakme’s SPF 50 and PA+++ UV lotion. This would protect our skin against the harmful UVA and UVB rays and would prevent the sun burn and skin damage – its cucumber and lemon grass would nourish and soothe our skin leaving it radiant and glowing all day!! J

Ok… All set… let’s start cleaning J

After 3 hours…

OMG!! look at this stuff, all that we collected in the past 3 hours - Bags and bags of plastics, rubber tubes, water bottles, cigarette buds, other countess random stuffs - our right time pickups, which otherwise would have turned out to be an environment disaster!! Thank God and Kyra, the coastal cleaning was fun J

Also picking up the trash – the non degradable garbage (plastic, rubber etc) deeply buried in the sand in fact helped us in burning lots of calories  J

We also interacted with the local fishermen and requested them to avoid using fishing gears and other mechanical techniques which would harm the rare under the sea species like turtles! Another life saving social mission with Kyra! J

It was twilight, when we finally ended our day with a fun boat ride (courtesy – fisher men) watching the sea water sparkle with the brilliant sun rays!

Loved every bit of my journey, Kyra’s company, all day coastal cleaning, Turtle saving lecture to fisher men and a million dollar worth (free!!) boat ride J Life is beautiful and so is summer !!

We finally sat on the shore with a happy heart and joyful smile – the Sun shined on us saying “Wherever you go, no matter what the weather be, always bring your own sunshine!”

With Sunshine, Rekha
PS: This is my entry for the Lakme Diva Blogger Contest by Lakme and Indiblogger

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