:: Everything happens for a reason... ::

Sometimes people come in to ur life & u know right away that they were meant 2 b there 2 serve some part of purpose, teach u a lesson or help u to figure out who u r or whom u want 2 b.. U never know who these ppl may b but when U look at them U know tht very moment tht they'll affect ur life in some profound way & sometimes things happen 2 u at da time tht may seem horrible, painful & unfair, but in reflection u realize tht without overcoming those obstacles u w'd never realize ur potential strength, will power or heart. Everything happens 4 a reason, nothing happens by chance or by means of luck. Illness, love lost moments of true greatness & sheer stupidity all occur to test limits of ur soul, Without these small tests life w'd b like a smooth paved, straight, flat road nowhere safe & uncomfortable but dull & utterly pointless. da ppl u meet affect ur life. da successes & downfalls tht u experience can create whom u r & da bad experiences can b learned from. believe in yrself, Create ur own life & then go out & live it...

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