Six things in Six Months!

This is a quick post on my new challenge - Wish me luck guys J

So here are the six things that I wish to do/complete within the next six months J

   1.   Workout Everyday and stay healthy!

I’ve been quite bad at my workout schedule for the past 2 months and am fed up with this gain/lose weight drama, so this thing goes top on my list and yeah now I’ve my new role models too! I will do a separate post on my workout regime and if anyone of you is interested, you can join me - I bet it will be fun :) 



   2.  Daily Prayer

Much needed dose of tonic! And I am planning to go to the Ganeshji temple at my local neighborhood everyday (at least try!)

   3.  New Job

I am fed up with my current job and everything (one) at work irritates me!  

   4.  Take up my JLPT this December!

For those who don’t have a clue on JLPT – check it out here! JLPT stands for Japanese Language Proficiency Test J

   5.  MBA exams – no excuses this time!

I’ve missed my exams last time since I had to travel abroad for my work. This time no excuses J

   6.  Publish a blog post every alternate day!

I’ve a beauty blog and I’ve been MIA for quite some time and I am sure I don’t want to continue that coz I love my blog and my readers J  You can read my beauty blog here

So wish me luck guys and I will update this space every week so do come back to read more J

Take care and Thanks for reading J

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