New product in Market - Solar Caps :)

I got this as an email forward today, since it was an interesting information thought of sharing it with you all :)

First time in India a cap with a fan powered by solar energy

Helps to beat the heat! The innovative Solar Cap use the sun's energy to keep you cool and fresh on hot days.

Wear these caps when you are going out and enjoy the cool gentle breeze, the solar Fan Cap offers you a pleasant cool world to accompany you in your outdoor activities.

Solar Fan Cap Working:

Wear the cap and go in sunlight the solar panels on the cap will drive the fan

The fan on the cap cools your face and forehead. Solar fan cap needs no charging

Use suns energy to keep you cool. Solar Fan cap works in all seasons when under sunlight

A cap for you to set a Colorful & Trendy Look

Guess these caps are available for 400 bucks and the colors available are Black,Blue,Red,White

Press reports on solar fan cap:

Prokerela news -

Important Information about solar energy:

The energy that reaches the Earth from the sun is enormous.

The total reserves of energy that is stored in all of Earths reserves of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, and natural gas are matched by only 20 days of sunshine.


4 Response to "New product in Market - Solar Caps :)"

suhas rane said...

for how much do you sell this cap for? (INR?)
how is the market in India for this product?

Raviteja L said...

These solar caps are awesome. Never heard of it. I am using solar heater which I bought from for good price


where we get solar Cap? price? reply to

Ramesh Ramar said...

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